Reference Information
Description / Title
A419 Digital Thermostat
Alfa Laval Flooded PFHE Layout
Aluminum Advantage Technical Bulletin
BAC Aluminum Sheave Bushing Installation Instructions
BAC Evap Condenser Drive Systems - Exploded Views
BAC Retrofit Access Door
BAC Spray Nozzles
BAC Welded Stainless Steel Cold Water Basin
Century Commonly Used Parts Reference Guide
Century Equipment Electric Defrost Setup
Century Equipment Pre-Startup Checklist
Century Equipment Startup Guidelines
Colmac New Evaporator Hanger System
Conversion Factors
Copeland Accepted Refrigerants/Lubricants
Cross Reference C1 to VC1 Series Condensers
Cross Reference C2 to VC2 Series Condensers
Dangers of Water in Ammonia Systems
FH & FV Series Motor Upgrade (ECM)
Hydrocooling Coils
Importance of Clean Air
PFHE Maintenace Guidelines
Remote Sump Tanks for Evaporative Condensers
Sporlan Refrigeration Reference
Temperature/Pressure Chart
White Rust Technical Bulletin